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Interested in Fall 2023 Recruitment?

Our Fall 2023 application is now open!

Note: A few sentences will suffice for short answer responses. 

Casual Coffee Chats
Sign up for one-on-one coffee chats with a BFC member to learn more about us in a casual setting!

Wednesday 8/23 - Friday 9/8

BFC Case Workshop
Learn more about our application process and analyst program, and get an introduction to important finance concepts.

Thursday 8/31
Hearst Field Annex A1

Women's Night
Female-identifying applicants have the opportunity to meet BFC women & alumni,  and hear about their experiences within the club and beyond.

Tuesday 9/5
Wheeler 102

Info Session #1
Attend one of our info sessions to learn more about the club's offerings and meet our members! 

Tuesday 8/29
Hearst Field Annex A1

Info Session #2
Attend one of our info sessions to learn more about the club's offerings and meet our members! 

Thursday 9/7
Moffit 101

BFC members will be tabling on Sproul. Come talk to us to learn more about our recruitment process! 


Wednesday 8/23 - Friday 9/8
Sproul Plaza

Applications Due

Friday 9/8
11:59pm PT 

Interviews / Meet BFC

Week of 9/10
Invite Only 


Q: Do you have to be a Business or Economics major to join? 

A: No! All majors are welcome to apply and join. Our members come from all academic paths and have many different interests. Besides Business and Economics, our members are majoring in Data Science, Bioengineering, Computer Science, Molecular and Cellular Biology, ORMS, Public Health, and more. Our members have gone on to pursue their interests in many different capacities (i.e., working at investment banks, technology companies, consulting firms, and startups). 


Q: How do you prepare for the interviews? 

A: There are two portions to the interviews: behavioral and technical. For the behavioral portion, candidates can expect questions about their academic/professional experiences, interest in finance, and hobbies & personal interests. For the technical portion, we recommend applicants follow the news and familiarize themselves with introductory financial knowledge.


Q: How difficult are the interviews? 

A: Not too difficult! The analyst program is designed to teach analysts finance technicals and provide formal interview preparation. Interview questions generally test candidates' critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, the level of difficulty of the questions is adjusted based on the candidate’s year.  


Q: How many people are in the organization? 

A: Our organization typically has around 40 active members every semester. 

Q: How big is a typical analyst class? What's the time commitment? 

A: The size of our analyst class varies from semester to semester, but we typically extend offers to 10-12 new members. On average, new members can expect to contribute 8-10 hours per week.


Q: What do people do after their first semester?

A: Active members typically join the leadership team and continually help recruit new analysts each semester, host professional workshops, mentor new analysts, come out to social events, and connect with alumni.


Q: How do I sign up for coffee chats? 

A: You can sign up for coffee chats with our executive board when our fall 2023 recruitment begins.

Q: Will there be virtual recruitment events? 

A: No, we are currently planning to hold all of our recruitment events on campus. However, if you have any concerns or would like any accommodations, please reach out to us at

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