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Who We Are

As a close-knit community of undergraduate students, our mission is to develop tomorrow’s leaders in finance through education, preparation, and network cultivation.

About Us

What We Do

Education & Preparation

Our analysts complete a semester-long course in finance focusing on 3 areas: (1) fundamentals of accounting and corporate finance, (2) interview prep for investment banking, and (3) intro to venture capital, private equity, & public markets investing. With lesson topics ranging from behavioral interviews to financial accounting to company valuation, analysts will be well-prepared with the skills to recruit for any finance career. Throughout the program, analysts will also gain real-world experience by participating in professional development workshops, preparing market updates, and competing in finance case competitions.


After completing the analyst program, members stay involved by serving as mentors and officers, teaching professional development workshops, and coming out to our many social events.

BFC curriculum meeting.jpg

Our first curriculum meeting of the Fall 2021 semester!


BFC members presenting at the 2024 Bridge Street Advisors Investment Banking Case Competition.

Mentorship & Network

We provide one-on-one mentorship to all members throughout the trajectory of their college careers. New members are matched with senior members to receive personalized support for recruiting, academics, and anything else they’d like, and these connections often persist throughout our members’ college careers. 


Beyond one-on-one mentorship, we also foster connections among our active members, alumni, and industry professionals through networking events. In doing so, we help our members find success in their recruiting efforts and find support anywhere they need.


Of course, we’re not always talking about finance. Whether it’s spontaneous dinners after workshops, pilates on Sunday mornings, or pulling all-nighters together during dead week, we love taking opportunities to hang out and bond with each other. We also host several club-wide socials each semester, like our Big-Little Reveal, Retreat, and end-of-semester Banquet. Above all, we are a community, and we hope to make BFC an enriching and memorable part of each of our members’ college experiences.

BFC F21 Retreat.jpg

Our Fall 2021 Retreat to Arnold, CA

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